Hilda Goodling Impact Academy

HGIA was designed around the philosophy that students who are engaged are those that achieve at a higher level.

HGIA offers a variety of Academies that combine rigorous academics to ensure that learning goes beyond the text to include application of knowledge into real-world application.

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Elementary and Middle Level students experience all academies as a part of their regular school day and are invited to join after school and summer programs to enhance their skills.

High School Students choose a Prep Academy and are provided with specialized course tracks to ensure students are post-secondary ready as well as engaged in the learning process.


How HGIA Helps Struggling Students

An estimated one out of four children in the United States will experience a traumatic event before the age of 16 years old. Trauma can have profound effects on a child’s ability to participate and process the regular school day, which may lead to significant achievement gaps for these students.

If the goal is for a child to come into an academic setting ready to learn, ready to emotionally experience the enjoyment and excitement of discovery, then the child’s mental health has to be addressed before and throughout the learning process.

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